My Debian Activities in March 2016

FTP assistant

This month I marked 226 packages for accept and rejected 22. I also sent 5 emails to maintainers asking questions. It seems to be that a rather quiet month is behind us. As I have seen some packages with strange debian/copyright in binNEW, I wonder whether also the archive should be checked regularly. Maybe it is time to file some bugs …

Debian LTS

This was my twenty-first month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

Due to outstanding hours that were redistributed, my all in all workload had been 14.25h. As Wheezy LTS didn’t start yet and I am not able to do normal security uploads, I sent debdiffs to the security team. Btw. this can be done by everybody and the way to go is described in chapter 5.8.5 of the Debian Developer’s Reference.

Altogether I sent the following debdiffs for …

  • extplorer to fix CVE-2015-0896
  • inspircd to fix CVE-2015-8702
  • libmatroska to fix CVE-2015-8792
  • libstruts1.2-java to fix CVE-2015-0899
  • fuseiso to fix two temporary issues
  • minissdpd to fix CVE-2016-3178 and CVE-2016-3179
  • tlslite to fix CVE-2015-3220

As the security team wants to update Wheezy and Jessie with only one DSA, whenever applicable I created debdiffs for both releases. Up to now the results can be seen in DSA 3526-1, DSA 3527-1 and DSA 3536-1. As tlslite has been removed from Wheezy during today’s point release, I am afraid that was a wasted effort.

Other stuff

My node activities this month involved uploads of: node-component-consoler, node-generator-supported, node-xmlhttprequest-ssl, node-co, node-uid-umber, node-url-join, node-uri-path, node-read-file, node-nth-check, node-base62, node-require-dir, node-for-in, node-obj-util, node-normalize-it-url, node-delve, node-function-bind, node-seq, node-json-localizer, node-through, node-addressparser, node-ansi-regex, node-crypto-cacerts, node-decamelize, node-array-find-index, node-require-main-filename, node-invert-kv, node-starttls.

To fix one or the other bug I also uploaded: node-connect, node-mysql.

I also forwarded bug #809252, which is tagged as security relevant in the BTS, to the Node Security Project. I even got one answer stating that the report arrived. We will see what happens next. At least after 45 days another email might arrive …

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