My Debian Activities in February 2016

FTP assistant

This month I marked 364 package for accept and rejected 66. Due to the help of lamby, the length of the NEW queue dropped mostly below 50, so there is no need for complaints anymore :-). I also sent 22 emails to maintainers asking questions.

Squeeze LTS

This was my twentieth month that I did some work for the Squeeze LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month more people started to contribute and my workload dropped down to 11.25h. Altogether I uploaded those DLAs:

  • [DLA 424-1] didiwiki security update
  • [DLA 423-1] krb5 security update
  • [DLA 433-1] xerces-c security update
  • [DLA 444-1] php5 security update

This month I was also involved in embargoed uploads and could do an upload on my own (DLA 433-1).

Now Squeeze LTS is officially done. I leave it with mixed feelings. On the one hand it became more and more difficult to backport patches for the latest version to the old software. On the other hand I could learn a lot of stuff about the methods other maintainers used some years ago. Yes, although not always visible at first sight, over the years there are lots of improvements on how packages can be handled in Debian.

So, let us start with Wheezy now …

Other stuff

On the way to, grunt and some other cool stuff, I uploaded:

  • node-abab
  • node-array-equal
  • node-array-flatten
  • node-array-unique
  • node-cors
  • node-deep-extend
  • node-original
  • node-simplesmtp
  • node-setimmediate
  • node-uglify-save-license
  • node-unpipe

Yes, sometimes this npm2deb makes it really easy to create a package.

In order to fix FTBFSs, errors from DebCI or whatever might fail these days, I also uploaded new versions of:

  • node-array-equal
  • node-array-parallel
  • node-bufferjs
  • node-crc
  • node-css-what
  • node-eventsource
  • node-mime-types
  • node-mocks-http
  • node-rai
  • node-requires-port
  • node-url-parse
  • node-xoauth2

Today I could see the first fruits of my labor. Some packages, I did not touch, migrated to testing because some of their dependencies were finally able to migrate as well.

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