My Debian Activities in April 2016

FTP assistant

This month I marked 171 packages for accept and rejected 42. I also sent 3 emails to maintainers asking questions. It seems to be that another quiet month is behind us. Nevertheless the flood of strange things in NEW continued this month. Hmm, weird world ..

Debian LTS

This was my twenty-second month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month my all in all workload had been 15.75h. After getting the permission of the security team I changed the temporary-issues to meanwhile assigned CVEs and uploaded fuseiso. This resulted in DSA 3551-1.

I also prepared new packages for asterisk and asked for testers on the LTS mailing list. Luckily Gabriel Filion really tried these packages and found a regression with manager connections. Dear reader, the new packages are waiting for your tests now :-).

Further I used the upload of poppler (DLA 446-1) to test the workflow of the new wheezy-security upload. Uploading and building packages worked perfectly. Unfortunately the push to the security mirrors was a bit delayed (it only happened after an upload of the security team). But this seems to be fixed by Ansgar now.

Last but not least I had a look at PHP5. I think I will start my regular uploads in May.

Other stuff

As I had to deal with non-Debian stuff this month, I didn’t do lots of other things. I only uploaded node-uml …