201206: more action

Besides my already mentioned activities l had some fun with

  • shame on me, for my new meep packages I forgot some entries in the Conflict:-line. Luckily the piuparts-tests found the problem and assigned rc-bugs to me. Hey, I can help resolving three rc-bugs now :-).
  • some sponsoring of boinc; unfortunately there still is an ftbfs on powerpc
  • some sponsoring of boinc-app-seti
  • the patch for ‘my’ lintian bug was already accepted for version 2.5.9; that was really fast
  • Anibal accepted my patch for debtree; now debtree also prints the size of depending packages
  • the dscverify bug (#679148) has been fixed by using getopts(), my patch was not really needed


fasttree (mentioned in a previous post) made it to unstable and will become part of Wheezy.

So let the next month begin 🙂