My Debian Activities in July 2022

FTP master

This month I accepted 420 and rejected 44 packages. The overall number of packages that got accepted was 422.

I am sad to write the following lines, but unfortunately there are people who rather take advantage of others instead of doing a proper maintenance of their packages.

So, in order to find time slots for as much packages in NEW as possible, I no longer write a debian/copyright for others. I know it is a boring task to collect the copyright information, but our policy still requires this. Of course nobody is perfect and certainly one or the other license or copyright holder can be overlooked. Luckily most of the contributors maintain their debian/copyright very thouroughly with a terrific result.

On the other hand some contributors upload only some crap and demand that I exactly list what is missing. I am no longer willing to do this. I am going to stop processing after I found a few missing things and reject the package. When I see repeatedly uploads containing only improvements with things I pointed out, I will process this package only after all others from NEW are done.

Debian LTS

This was my ninety-seventh month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month my all in all workload has been 35.75h. Unfortunately Stretch LTS has moved to Stretch ELTS and Buster LTS was not yet opened in July. So I think this is the first month I did not work all assigned hours.

Besides things on security-master, I only worked 20h on moving the LTS documentation to their new destination. At the moment the documentation is spread over several locations. As searching over all those locations is not possible, it shall be collected at one place.

Debian ELTS

This month was the forty-eighth ELTS month.

During my allocated time I uploaded:

  • [ELA-643-1] for ncurses (5.9+20140913-1+deb8u4, 6.0+20161126-1+deb9u3)
  • [ELA-655-1] for libhttp-daemon-perl (6.01-1+deb8u1, 6.01-1+deb9u1)
  • [6.14-1.1] upload to unstable
  • [#1016391] bullseye-pu: libhttp-daemon-perl/6.12-1+deb11u1

I also started to work on mod-wsgi and my patch was already approved by the maintainer. Now I am waiting for the security team to decide whether it will be uploaded as DSA or via PU.

Last but not least I did some days of frontdesk duties.

Other stuff

This month I uploaded new upstream versions or improved packaging of:

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