My Debian Activities in June 2022

FTP master

This month I accepted 305 and rejected 59 packages. The overall number of packages that got accepted was 310.

From time to time I am also looking at the list of packages to be removed. If you would like to make life easier for the people who remove packages, please make sure that the resulting dak command really makes sense. If this command consists of garbage, please adapt the Subject: of your bug report accordingly.

Also it does not make sense to file bugs to remove packages from NEW. Please don’t hesitate to close such bugs again …

Debian LTS

This was my ninety-sixth month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month my all in all workload has been 30.25h. During that time I did LTS and normal security uploads of:

  • [DLA 3058-1] libsndfile security update for two CVEs
  • [DLA 3060-1] blender security update for three CVEs
  • [#1008577] bullseye-pu: golang-github-russellhaering-goxmldsig/1.1.0-1+deb11u1 package has been accepted
  • [#1009077] bullseye-pu: minidlna/1.3.0+dfsg-2+deb11u1 package has been accepted
  • upload of blender to buster-security, no DSA yet
  • upload of blender to bullseye-security, no DSA yet, this upload seems to have failed 🙁

I have to admit that I totally ignored the EOL of Stretch LTS, so my upload of ncurses needs to go to Stretch ELTS now.

This month I also moved/refactored the current LTS documentation to a new repository and started to move the LTS Wiki as well.

I also continued to work on security support for golang packages.

Last but not least I did some days of frontdesk duties and took care of issues on security-master.

At this point I also need to mention my first “business trip”. I drove the short distance between Chemnitz and Freiberg and met Anton to have a face to face talk about LTS/ELTS. It was a great pleasure and definitely more fun than a meeting on IRC.

Debian ELTS

This month was the forty-seventh ELTS month.

During my allocated time I uploaded:

  • ELS-629-1 for libsndfile

Due to the delay of my ncurses upload to Stretch LTS, the ELTS upload got delayed as well. Now I will do both uploads to ELTS in July.

Last but not least I did some days of frontdesk duties.

Debian Printing

This month I uploaded new upstream versions or improved packaging of:

Debian Astro

As there has been a new indi release arriving in Debian, I uploaded new upstream versions of most of the indi-3rdparty packages. Don’t hesitate to tell me whether you really use one of them :-).

Other stuff

This month I uploaded new upstream versions or improved packaging of:

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