My Debian Activities in August 2023

FTP master

This month I accepted 347 and rejected 39 packages. The overall number of packages that got accepted was 349.

Debian LTS

This was my hundred-tenth month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian. 

During my allocated time I uploaded:

  • [DLA 3548-1] qpdf security update for three CVEs
  • [DLA 3549-1] ring security update for 20 CVEs

The open CVE for ffmpeg was already fixed in a previous upload and could be marked as such.
I also started to work on amanda and did some work on security-master.

Last but not least I did some days of frontdesk duties and took part in the LTS meeting.

Debian ELTS

This month was the sixty-first ELTS month. During my allocated time I uploaded:

  • [ELA-927-1]ffmpeg update in Stretch for one CVE
  • [ELA-932-1]openssl1.0 update in Stretch for eight CVEs

Yeah, finally openssl1.0 was uploaded!

I also started to work on amanda, but for whatever reason the package does not build in my chroot. Why do I always choose the packages with quirks?

Last but not least I did some days of frontdesk duties.


This month I tried to update package hplip. Unfortunately upstream added some new compressed files that need to appear uncompressed in the package. Even though this sounded like an easy task, which seemed to be already implemented in the current debian/rules, the new type of files broke this implementation and made the package no longer buildable. There is also an RC-bug waiting that needs some love. I still hope to upload the package soon.

This work is generously funded by Freexian!

Other stuff

Unfortunately $job demanded lots of attention this month, so I only uploaded:

Due to the recent license change of Hashicorp, I am no longer willing to spend time working on their products. I therefore filed RM-bugs for golang-github-hashicorp-go-gcp-common, golang-github-hashicorp-go-tfe, golang-github-hashicorp-go-slug and golang-github-hashicorp-terraform-json.
As there seemed to be others involved in golang-github-hashicorp-terraform-svchost and golang-github-hashicorp-go-azure-helpers, I only orphaned both packages.

I hope OpenTF will be successful!