My Debian Activities in May 2021

FTP master

This month I accepted 85 and rejected 6 packages. The overall number of packages that got accepted was only 88. Yeah, Debian is frozen but hopefully will unfreeze soon.

Debian LTS

This was my eighty-third month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month my all in all workload has been 29.75h. During that time I did LTS and normal security uploads of:

  • [DLA 2650-1] exim4 security update for 17 CVEs
  • [DLA 2665-1] ring security update one CVE
  • [DLA 2669-1] libxml2 security update one CVE
  • the fix for tnef/CVE-2019-18849 had been approved and I could do the PU-upload

I also made some progress with gpac and struggle with dozens of issues here.

Last but not least I did some days of frontdesk duties, which for whatever reason was rather time-consuming this month.

Debian ELTS

This month was the thirty-fifth ELTS month.

During my allocated time I uploaded:

  • ELA-420-1 for exim4
  • ELA-435-1 for python2.7
  • ELA-436-1 for libxml2

I also made some progress with python3.4

Last but not least I did some days of frontdesk duties.

Other stuff

On my neverending golang challenge I again uploaded some packages either for NEW or as source upload.

Last but not least I adopted gnucobol.