What to do next?

After Buster has been released now, I am thinking about what to do next for Bullseye. In order to build up some mildly pressure, I publish my goals here. Some of them might be obvious but nevertheless I will mention them for the sake of completeness:

  1. get rid of all Lintian errors in my packages
  2. get rid of all Lintian warnings in my packages
  3. get rid of all VCS problems with my packages
  4. get rid of all watch file problems with my packages
  5. make my packages reproducible build
  6. make my packages available on all architectures
  7. add tests to my packages
  8. update my packages to the newest version
  9. create Debian Pure Blends in all appropriate groups where I am a member of
  10. make my packages availabe in backports as well
  11. add grafana again to Debian
  12. add all software from the Osmocom project to Debian
  13. make home automation available in Debian
  14. make a voice assistant available in Debian
  15. taking care of no-dsa
  16. reducing NEW to <10