My Debian Activities in February 2019

FTP master

The freeze is approaching, so I only accepted 149 packages and rejected 5 uploads. The overall number of packages that got accepted this month was 229.

Debian LTS

This was my fifty sixth month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month my all in all workload has been 19.5h. During that time I did LTS uploads or prepared security uploads of:

  • [DLA 1682-1] uriparser security update for one CVE
  • [DLA 1689-1] elfutils security update for 12 CVEs
  • [DLA 1691-1] exiv2 security update for five CVEs
  • [DLA 1693-1] gpac security update for five CVEs
  • [DLA 1697-1] bind9 security update two CVEs

I started to work on another round of wireshark CVEs and php5 and libraw.

Last but not least I did some days of frontdesk duties.

Debian ELTS

This month was the ninth ELTS month.

During my allocated time I uploaded:

  • ELA-85-1 of elfutils for 12 CVEs
  • ELA-86-1 of php5 for three CVEs
  • ELA-87-1 of bind9 for two CVEs

As like in LTS, I also did some days of frontdesk duties.

Other stuff

I improved packaging of …

I uploaded new upstream versions of …

Thanks a lot to Andreas Beckmann for patiently filing new bugs after I broke things.

I uploaded new packages …

  • cpptest, which is a unit testing framework for C++
  • pollen, which is a Entropy-as-a-Service web server
  • pollinate, can seed the pseudo random number generator

Recently I had a look at prometheus but was not really pleased about the graphs it can create. So I decided to bring back a more recent version of grafana into Debian and entered a dependency hell. Up to now I uploaded the following golang modules:
golang-github-cactus-go-statsd-client, golang-github-codahale-hdrhistogram, golang-github-crossdock-crossdock-go, golang-github-facebookgo-structtag, golang-github-go-xorm-core, golang-github-rs-zerolog, golang-github-teris-io-shortid, golang-github-thcyron-uiprogress, golang-github-uber-go-atomic, golang-github-vividcortex-mysqlerr, golang-github-yudai-golcs, golang-gopkg-stretchr-testify.v1
There is more to come and thanks a lot to Chris for marking all those for ACCEPT.

Last but not least I sponsored uploads of …