My Debian Activities in March 2017

FTP assistant

This month I marked 111 packages for accept and sent four emails to maintainers asking questions. The bad number of the month are the 41 packages I had to reject. This rejection rate was the worst of all my NEW-months.

May I ask everybody to pay a bit more attention before uploading/sponsoring a package?

Debian LTS

This was my thirty-third month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month my all in all workload has been 14.75h. During that time I did uploads of

  • [DSA 3798-1] tnef security update for four CVEs
  • [DLA 839-2] tnef regression update
  • [DSA 3798-2] tnef regression update
  • tnef security update in unstable/testing for four CVEs
  • [DLA 878-1] libytnef security update for ten CVEs

I also took care of radare and marked all CVEs as not-affected in Wheezy. My next package on the list will be qbittorrent.

Other stuff

I uploaded a new version of entropybroker to fix a bug with the handling of return codes of ppoll. This version will also make it to Stretch. The same happens with a bug in alljoyn-services-1509. I don’t know why everybody talks about unblock-bugs that need to be filed!? The release team was always faster in granting the unblock than me in filing the corresponding bug.

As my DOPOM for this month I adopted httperf, took care of some bugs and sent patches upstream.

I also created a new project on Alioth that is called debian-mobcom (Alioth page), which shall be a place for all packages concerning mobile communication on the network part. I only uploaded libosmocore to experimental yet, so the package list is rather short.