My Debian Activities in January 2017

FTP assistant

This month I only marked 146 packages for accept and rejected 25 packages. I only sent 3 emails to maintainers asking questions.

Nevertheless I could pass a big mark. All in all I accepted more than 10000 packages now!

Debian LTS

This was my thirty-first month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month my all in all workload has been 12.75h. During that time I did uploads of

  • [DLA 805-1] bind9 security update for three CVEs
  • [DLA 806-1] zoneminder security update for one CVE

Unfortunately the upload of jasper had to be postponed, as there is no upstream fix for most of the open CVEs yet.
I also suggested to mark th slum-llnl CVE as , as the patch would be too invasive. Further I did another week of frontdesk work.

Last but not least I took care of about 140 items of the TODO list[1]. Ok, it was not that much work, but the enormous number is impressing :-). I also had a look at [2] and filed bugs against two packages. Within hours the maintainers responded to that bugs, clarified everything to mark the CVEs as not-affected and nobody has to care about them anymore. This is a good example of how the knowledge of the maintainer can help the security teams! So, if you have some time left, have a look at [3] and take care of something.


Other stuff

This month I sponsored a new round of sidedoor and printrun. After advocating Dara Adib to become Debian Maintainer, I hope my activities as sponsor can be reduced again :-).

Further I uploaded another version of setserial, but as you can see in #850762 it does not seem to satisfy everybody. I also uploaded new upstream versions of duktape and pipexec.

As I didn’t do any DOPOM in December I adopted two packages in January: pescetti and salliere. I dedicate those uploads to my aunt Birgit, who was a passionate bridge player. You will never be forgotten.