My Debian Activities in June 2016

FTP assistant

This month I marked 233 packages for accept and rejected 29. I also sent 11 emails to maintainers asking questions. Currently there are 33 packages in NEW and the minimum this week has been as low as 24 packages. Come on you fellow developers, where are your packages? I am sure you can do better :-).

Debian LTS

This was my twenty-fourth month that I did some work for the Debian LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month my all in all workload has been 18.75h. This resulted in patches for 13 CVEs and the following uploads:

  • [DLA 522-1] python2.7 security update
  • [DLA 533-1] php5 security update
  • [DLA 534-1] libgd2 security update
  • [DLA 536-1] wget security update

I also looked at mxml and libstruts1.2-java and marked CVEs for these packages as “no-dsa”. I also reviewed a patch of Salvatore for an embargoed CVE of xerces-c. Last but not least I looked at the remaining two CVEs for asterisk, but was not really able to create working patches …

This month I called again for testing php5. Thanks a lot to Stefan and anybody else who sent in their reports! As there are already new CVEs for php5 available, I am afraid I need your support again in July …

This month I also had another term of frontdesk work and answered questions or looked for CVEs that are important for Wheezy LTS or could be ignored.

Other stuff

I made some progress with the Alljoyn framework. Up to now the following packages are available:

  • alljoyn-core-1504
  • alljoyn-core-1509
  • alljoyn-core-1604
  • alljoyn-gateway-1504
  • alljoyn-services-1504
  • alljoyn-services-1509
  • alljoyn-thin-client-1504
  • alljoyn-thin-client-1509
  • alljoyn-thin-client-1604
  • duktape

Unfortunately as some of those modules still need to be released in current versions, there are some gaps.

Anyway, the next uploads will include an XMPP connector, to basically bridge a local AllJoyn bus to a remote AllJoyn bus over XMPP. Further, with the lighting module, real lamps can be switched on and off and much more. Also the Home Appliances and Entertainment Service Framework seems to be interesting as well.

In the Javascript world I uploaded some new packages …

  • node-strip-ansi
  • node-lodash-compat
  • node-has-flag
  • node-errs
  • node-ejs
  • node-absolute-path

… and uploaded new versions for the following packages:

  • node-base62
  • node-array-flatten
  • node-eventsource
  • node-xmlhttprequest-ssl
  • node-wrappy