My Debian Activities in December 2015

FTP assistant

Due to Christmas, I only marked 254 packages for accept and rejected 17 of them. I had to send 14 emails to maintainers.

Squeeze LTS

This was my eighteenth month that I did some work for the Squeeze LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

As other members of the LTS team had to give back some hours of their workload, this month my initial workload of 18.25h had been increased to 21.25h. Altogether I uploaded those DLAs:

  • [DLA 370-1] bind9 security update
  • [DLA 373-1] libxml2 security update
  • [DLA 375-1] libpng security update

I also started to work on CVEs for packages t-coffee and pitivi, only to recognize that the versions in Squeeze are not affected. Further I prepared patches for passenger and srtp but I could not test them yet, so an upload will be in January.

This month I also experienced something strange. Due to the upload of the new version of mysql, I had to process a package for squeeze-lts in NEW. I seldom see a package, that creates so much “red” output from lintian. I assume this always happens when an “old” package will be checked by the latest lintian and is a good sign for all the development within Debian.

I also tested Raphaels patch for #796784 and could confirm that everything works as expected.

Unfortunately the php5 upload must be delayed until Januar.

This month I also had another week of frontdesk duties.

Other stuff

The Advent season is over and the Debian Med Advent Calendar is full to bursting. The incredible number of 150 bugs have been closed this year!

Due to the GSL transition a new upload of all meep packages had to be done and all in all I could close #748822, #807210, #807212, #807213, #807214, #807215 and #807747.

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