My Debian Activities in September 2015

FTP assistant

Another month passed and another statistic arrives: This month I marked 341 packages for accept and rejected only 48 of them. Almost like last month I had to send 14 emails to maintainers.

Squeeze LTS

This was my fifteenth month that I did some work for the Squeeze LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month I only got a workload of 14.5h. I finally uploaded a new version of php5. Unfortunately in one library a parameter to a function call introduced new values. As a result all running processes that used the old version of that library produced an error message until they got restarted. As complaints showed up on all channels, I rechecked my patches again and again but could not find an error. I wonder whether this happened once before. At least the php package does not have a mechanism to restart something…
Altogether I uploaded those DLAs:

  • [DLA 307-1] php5 security update
  • [DLA 309-1] openldap security update
  • [DLA 311-1] rpcbind security update
  • [DLA 312-1] libtorrent-rasterbar security update

I also started to work on an upload of freeimage and the next upload of php5.

This month I also had another term of doing frontdesk work. So I answered questions on the IRC channel and looked for CVEs that are important for Squeeze LTS or could be ignored.

Other stuff

Some time ago someone mentioned and that it would be nice to have it in Debian. I found a Wiki page listing dependencies, with lots of stuff already done and just a few holes. It didn’t look like much work todo until I realized that this page showed only the surface and the shoals are hidden below. Anyway, I started to work on it and up to now

  • node-boolbase
  • node-domelementtype
  • node-eventsource
  • node-querystringify
  • node-rai
  • node-requires-port
  • node-url-parse
  • node-wrappy
  • node-xoauth2

are uploaded and

  • node-schlock
  • node-array-parallel
  • node-css-what
  • node-bufferjs
  • node-exit

are still in NEW. Luckily most of them could be handled by npm2deb, so it was mainly routine piece of work. So, expect more to come …

I also polished some smaller packages and could even close some bugs:

  • dict-elements
  • rplay -> #741567 #597152
  • setserial -> #786976 #761951 #761951
  • siggen -> #772364
  • texify

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