My Debian Activities in January 2015

FTP assistant

This month at the beginning of the year has been rather quiet as well. All in all I marked 50 packages for accept and rejected only 17 packages.

Squeeze LTS

This was my seventh month that I did some work for the Squeeze LTS initiative, started by Raphael Hertzog at Freexian.

This month I got assigned a workload of 12h and I spent these hours to upload new versions of:

  • [DLA 127-1] pyyaml security update
  • [DLA 128-1] sox security update
  • [DLA 138-1] jasper security update
  • [DLA 145-1] php5 security update

In doing so, preparing the upload for php5 consumed most of the time as support from Upstream for the old version in Squeeze no longer exists. Oddly enough, a simple one-line-patch seems to have created a regression …

I also sponsored the upload of [DLA 133-1] unrtf security update, [DLA 134-1] curl security update and [DLA 130-1] firebird2.1 security update. Many thanks to Nguyen Cong from Toshiba who prepared the patches for these packages.

I also uploaded two DLAs for polarssel ([DLA 129-1] polarssl security update and [DLA 144-1] polarssl security update) although no LTS sponsor indicated any interest.

Other packages

Thanks to the relentless QA work of Andreas Beckmann, his piuparts tests detected an issue in the greylistd package. If greylistd has been installed in Wheezy, removed but not purged afterwards, the whole system dist-upgraded to Jessie and afterwards greylistd is installed again, there would be an error message. RC bug taken, fixed package uploaded and unblock request approved.

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