My Debian activities in June 2014

FTP assistant
With my FTP assistant hat on, I accepted 285 packages. 29 times I had to ask the maintainer a question or had to give a comment. Unfortunately I also had to reject 33 packages. Most of the time due to mistakes in debian/copyright. The review of NEW also resulted in about ten serious bugs in packages that had incomplete copyright information. Dear fellow developers and maintainers: please be more careful when you collect copyright and license information. The better you do your homework, the faster your package will pass NEW!

Squeeze LTS
I also started to contribute to Debian Squeeze-LTS. In June I uploaded security fixes for scheme48 and lxml. Freexian, a French company run by Debian Developer Raphaël Hertzog, started an initiative to establish LTS (Long Term Support) for Debian Squeeze. Via Freexian you can hire other Debian Developers who provide security updates for some more months. So if you still need a stable security support for Debian please consider joining the initiative and visit the Squeeze LTS website at Freexian.

Other packages
For my own packages I uploaded some new versions for different kinds of meep.

If you would like to support my Debian work please consider to send some bitcoins to 1JHnNpbgzxkoNexeXsTUGS6qUp5P88vHej. Contact me at if you prefer another way to donate. Every kind of support is most appreciated.