meep in Debian

Currently there are three implementations of MPI  available in Debian. They are openmpi, mpich2, and lam4. After mpich1 had been removed, only the openmpi-version of meep remained (of course the serial version just called meep is also still available). I now closed that gap and uploaded the mpich2- and lam4 version to Unstable. As I have’t found a corresponding version of libhdf5, I had to use the serial version of that lib for these packages.

Further a package depending on mpi-default is now available. So you can either choose a version of meep linked to a specific MPI lib or just use the version that the mpi-default-maintainer thinks is the best version of a given architecture.

This is my first post that was written mainly on a smartphone. I guess I really need to feel boring before I do this again :-).