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Import git repository from alioth-archive.debian.org to salsa.debian.org

All repositories that had not been migrated before the shutdown of alioth are still available at the alioth archive. There you can find a compressed tarfile of the bare repository.

So to move such a repository to salsa …

  1. … create the new repository on salsa
  2. … download your file from alioth-archive
    wget https://alioth-archive.debian.org/git/debian-iot/duktape.git.tar.xz

  3. … unpack it
    tar -Jxf duktape.git.tar.xz

  4. … cd to your bare repository
    cd duktape.git

  5. … push your repository to salsa
    git push --mirror git@salsa.debian.org:debian-iot-team/duktape.git

Voila, your new repository is ready to be used.