Package of the Day: ansiweather

While looking at NEW I sometimes see a package and think “wow this is great, you have to try this”.

One of these packages is ansiweather. It looks at the data at openweathermap and presents them on the console. So with

ansiweather -l chemnitz -u metric

I get something like:

Current weather in Chemnitz => 12 °C ☔ – Wind => 2.52 m/s WNW – Humidity => 80 % – Pressure => 1014 hPa

Now I see that I need a coat and an umbrella for my walk. Or better I don’t go outside and continue looking at other stuff in NEW 🙂

2 Replies to “Package of the Day: ansiweather”

  1. I installed it caused by your post. I find its output a bit annoying, I’d prefer configurable building blocks, and the option to get the *next* sunrise/sundown dependent on the time of day, and things like that. But here I am; part of .profile is now:

    (( (${EPOCHREALTIME%.*}-$(date -r ~/.etc/weather +%s)) > 3600 )) && \
    (ansiweather -l CITY -u metric -d true
    ansiweather -l CITY -u metric -f 2) >~/.etc/weather
    cat ~/.etc/weather

    Uh yes, this is mksh-specific, the first line now anyway. It means, if the file ~/.etc/weather is more than an hour old. You can do this with GNU stat, too…

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